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Quick Review: Download Mover

Download Mover is a free tool that monitors files added to one or more folders and automatically moves them to other locations. The type of files being moved can be specified. It has been stopped being developed but is still available for download and use. The 740 KB package includes the Readme file for configuration and starting up.

Configuration and Usage

Download Mover is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 7 (tested with RC build 7100). To run the program, extract the zip file on to a folder. Then, double click on DLMov.exe to run it. This would create a DLMov.ini file where the configuration and settings are stored. To have Download Mover starts every time the computer runs, just include the shortcut to the Startup folder.

Initially, watched directories (i.e. source folders), type of files and new folder locations need to be set up.  By default, the files are moved every 60 seconds to the destination’s folder. The duration can be changed by pressing the up and down arrow. The extension of the files that need to be moved should be in the format of doc, zip, mp3, etc. For moving all files, a wildcard (i.e. *) can be used.


Download Mover makes organizing and moving files easy and automated. The ability to customize types of files and duration to check makes it even more versatile. It also requires little system resources (6.2 MB).

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