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Snowbird File Explorer Review

Snowbird File Explorer is an alternative to Windows Explorer. The 468 KB exe file uses about 13 MB of system memory when running. It can also be run from a USB flash drive. It has features such as integrated search and error handling when copying files.

The Main Interface

The main interface displays two panes: left navigating the local and network drives and right displays the drives available on each of the resource. Large icons view is displayed by default and can be changed to Details view. The columns available in Details view are the drive letter’s name, size, date modified and the type of the drive (e.g. local disk, DVD drive, etc).

To search for a file, just type the word in the search bar (located at the top right hand corner) and press Enter. The search result is then displayed in the main screen area. To go back to the previous screen, simply press the Back button which is located on the top right section. Searching for content of the files is available from Advanced Search.

Notable Features

One of the noteworthy features is breadcrumb navigation. The combination of breadcrumb navigation and back and forward button eases file and folders navigation. Clicking at the end of the breadcrumb path lets you edit or replace the file and folder path by typing it manually. Classic Address bar that displays the file path can be used instead of the breadcrumb navigation. Bookmark and Recently Visited menu is not available in Classic Address Bar mode.

Gesture support is available by holding on to the middle button of the mouse and move the mouse to left or right. This would invoke back and forward action.

Copying Files

During the review, Snowbird copied 2.4 GB Windows 7 (version 7100.0.090421) file to another drive in 3:19 minutes. This is similar to the performance of Windows Explorer (in 3:20 minutes). One main difference between Snowbird and Windows Explorer is the ability to pause the file copy process. The author also suggests that Snowbird is able to skip errors while copying. When deleting files using Snowbird, the files are immediately being deleted instead of going to the Recycle Bin.


Snowbird File Explorer is a great addition or replacement for Windows Explorer. Other great features are advanced file copy with ability to pause the transfer and breadcrumb navigation. Further, you can Snowbird with you as it runs on USB flash drive.

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